Taxi stories

Have you ever taken a taxi or cab? I’m sure we all have ever needed a taxi. And if we all have a story to tell,  can you imagine the amount of stories taxi drivers may have? They spend hours and hours driving in the streets and picking up people of all ages, social position, religion…

As we finished our conversation class in a very sad and pessimistic way yesterday, I am going to copy a story from a taxi driver that sounds encouraging.You have the link of the webpage below if you want to read happy, sad, weird, crazy, interesting stories about cab drivers all over the world.

John from Scotland writes:
Hi folks and yes, I am about to share the secret to life with you. I will start with a story for you which is still fresh in my mind as it happened tonight. Yes it is true and yes it is exactly the way it happend.

I am a taxi driver from Fife in Scotland. I work the back and nightshift and this story is of what happend to me a few weeks ago.

I had started work at around 6pm. I it was a pretty quiet night tonight and any and all conversation was greeted with extreme enthousiasm. The night passed well and it came to around 4am. I was thinking about coming home and getting some sleep. I was sent for a local hire a few miles away from base. I picked up two you females and proceeded to take them to their destination. I had the usual short journey conversation with them, “How’s your night been”, “Oh, not bad, could have been busier” etc etc. I dropped the first female of at her home and the remaining female asked me to take her a few streets further on. As I started driving the girl started to speak to me. Broken sentances, “Not my fault”……..”I didn’t mean it”……”I don’t know why their not speaking to me”……… at this point I stopped her and told her I didn’t follow a word she was saying. We got to her door and I offered her a cigarette. She accepted and we proceeded to chat. Normaly I would close the conversation off and get my fare but it was the end of my shift and I had this strong feeling that this girl just really wanted someone to talk to. She continued to tell me how she had had a misscariage three weeks previous and she just HAD to speak to someone. Her boyfriend had left her, her friends didn’t understand, she couldn’t talk to her family and she didn’t know where to turn. ( One of those places that we all get to where we just have to share something or we will burst ) I listened, told her what I thought and then listend to what she had to say. The actual words which we exchanged are irrelivant. She thanked me for listening and then left the car.

Whats the point ?

She left smiling !!!

I am a qualified computer programmer and engineer and I know I could be making a lot lot more money than I am presently doing. When I speak with hires and the subject comes up the first thing I am told is “Why don’t you just make the money ?”

money is not ANYTHING in life. If I had a million pounds in my pocket would that have mattered to this girl last night. I never even got her name, she didn’t ask mine. Could I have changed anything for this girl with money. What mattered was I listened. People put too much value in what they have in life.

Do you do it ?

I do !

Just look at your life at the moment and place money, honestly, on your list of importances. We all do it.

In that brief moment tonight it didn’t matter. I changed someones night. She might wake up depressed tomorrow, she might get hit by a car next week…….who knows what will happen to her. What does matter is that when she walked away from me she felt that bit better within herself. This made me feel so much better too. That’s why I don’t work with computers. Would I get the chance to do that if I was in an office. no.

Please carry this final thought with you throught today. If you meet someone who isn’t smiling then please tell them a joke, if someone isn’t happy cheer them up, if someone is sad, listen to their story. take a few minutes from your day to make someone smile. Its worth it. Who knows, that person who you make smile could go home in a good mood and finaly propose to their woman, may not snap at the kids……..the possablities are endless. The one thing that is guarenteed is that nothing bad will happen when someone is smiling. You will feel better, they will feel better and you will have found a purpose to your day.

Well, there you go. I have shared the secret of life. Make others happy, listen and help when you can. Do this and you will be the happiest people on earth. Trust me.

More stories:


2 responses to “Taxi stories

  1. The story remembers me the one that we read few time ago about the Organization which delivers hugs freely.

    I am sorry ( for the part I played ) , you finished the class in very low spirit, next time you have to bring up a more optimistic subject !

    Happy weekend 🙂

    • notdoubledutch

      Yes, you’re right… Economical crisis shouldn’t be humanity crisis… And those are good examples. Thanks for the comment and nice weekend to you too! 😉

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