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38 responses to “Student’s corner

  1. as we were talking with Mary-Light about the particle accelerator, and our teacher said she wanted to learn a little bit more about it. i found a couple videos you might find interesting:

    this is a rap that explains all of it (it’s in english and it has english subtitles):

    and this is an animation about what some skeptic scientists thought this thing could bring us:

    if you pay attention to the rap you can see Mª Luz was right and they actually prettended to imitate the big bang, not to make a blck hole

    kisses and hugs

  2. Mari Luz, con todo mi cariño, quiero compartir con vosotros este email que me han enviado (que conste que yo no lo he escrito):



    La prueba consta de tres módulos:


    Tres brujas miran tres relojes Swatch. ¿Cuál bruja mira cual reloj?

    En inglés:

    Three witches watch three Swatch watches. Which witch watch which Swatch watch?


    Tres brujas ‘travestis’ miran los botones de tres relojes Swatch. ¿Cuál bruja travesti mira los botones de cual reloj Swatch?

    En inglés:
    Three switched witches watch three Swatch watch switches. Which switched witch watch which Swatch watch switch?


    Tres brujas suecas transexuales miran los botones de tres relojes Swatch suizos..
    ¿Cuál bruja sueca transexual mira cual boton de cual reloj Swatch suizo?

    En inglés:

    Three Swedish switched witches watch three Swiss Swatch watch switches. Which Swedish switched witch watch which Swiss Swatch watch switch?


    Por cierto, este finde haré el “homework”, de verdad. 😉

  3. There is another fun video. To learn english with David is easier.

  4. Oh¡¡¡ I have seen the video of the child who he has gone to the dentist…..I think it is very very funny, but poor child, while he is very confuse by the medicine, his father and all us…..are smiling…..¡¡¡¡ Very good. Bye.

  5. I’m looking the blog and I Will comment on things with you soon!
    EscucharLeer fonéticamente
    Diccionario – Ver diccionario

  6. Ah! teacher can you say me where are the 50 COMMON MISTAKES…I wasn´t in class on friday because i was working, and i want to do the exercices or the homework.

  7. Hi Carmen! Press on 1ºNI that you will find next to this student’s corner. It is below the activities we did in class that day. Thanks for writing and good luck with the exercises!!

  8. I don´t have the the paper with the extra exercises you gave the last friday because that i think i don´t find the exercise A about common mistakes…Or this exercicies are in the book??? in what page?? I´m going crazy

  9. Hi!! This is a great video from Fidder on the Roof for learn a bit more about conditionals

    See you on Wednesday

  10. Hi Mariluz¡¡…I’m preparing my topic to speak on Monday…because this weekend is complicated for me, I don’t have much time….I must to wear a dress of “Fallera”…jejejej….I will be horrible¡¡¡¡ but it is a festival 50th Birthday to the “FALLa”…so…¡¡¡¡ My god¡¡¡¡
    Bueno de todas formas quién me manda meterme en estos “berenjenales” de hablar en público¡¡¡¡¡,….con la que me viene encima con mi examen… un terremoto¡¡¡¡ Bye….a lot kisses for you….guapa¡¡¡

  11. Mariluz….I need your help, please¡¡¡¡……..In order to improve my “listenings”….because I think, that they are horrible¡¡¡¡….Could you show me some web page in there were listening similar at the listenings of the class..????…well, I don’t know how ask you this thing in english, I think that I have a lot of mistakes, but
    I’M sorry….I’m very tired…and my results aren’t the best….
    So…I wish you a good weekend…and see you on monday. Kisses.

    • notdoubledutch

      Hi Inma,
      First of all, don’t panic. You have an important exam first.
      As soon as you find some time, click on the tab “Interesting Links” and try the different webpages under the title: “Practice” Some of them have listenings.
      You can also try the listenings you’ll find in
      It is also good help to watch films in its original version. You can pick up some videos rom the official school or you could also listen to some chapters from books and read the chapter afterwards to check what you have understood.

      • Thank you very much. I will try to do my
        listening exercises with that webpages, and
        I think so¡…..In first time, I have a very
        important exam early….so I must study to
        do that. But I’m too perfeccionist…..Good
        night¡¡¡ see you soon¡¡¡

  12. I had forgotten to comment the article.
    From my point of view the man is exaggerating a bit. I think he’s talking with a lot of hate, he is probably annoyed with someone who uses a lot the mobile. On one hand, I agree with him in the way that there are very unconscious people who use the mobile phone even driving. But in ther other hand, I think that say that people nowadays aren’t able to have conversation face to face is exaggerate.

  13. Hola Mari Luz
    no he encontrado otra vía para ponerme en contacto contigo, me ha surgido un imprevisto por el cual no podré ir a clase este miércoles ni el siguiente, hay algún inconveniente para hacer el examen del libro el lunes?
    muchas gracias un saludo

    • notdoubledutch

      Hi Quique!
      Don’t worry. You can do the reading test on Monday. Hope everything’s fine.
      See you!

  14. Hi MªLuz, I think I have forgotten to speak in English….jejejej…..but I am trying to improve it. Although, actually I haven’t anybody to speak with….I am passing a good summer, I am enjoying a lot with my sons, and doing sport.
    Oh¡¡¡¡ and I have a very nice notice….although I believe you know it……I HAVE PASS MY “VALENCIANO” EXAM, and I have my Certification.

    Well, I must continue working….I hope to hearing you very very soon. And sorry for the mistakes…

    Kisses for you.

  15. Hi Inma! It’s nice to hear from you! Thanks for writing and visiting the blog! I am happy to know you passed your Valenciano exam (I didn’t know but I’m not surprised… What a year!). I am happy to know you are enjoying your family and summer and don’t worry about not studying… You deserve a rest!
    Hope to see you soon.
    Lots of kisses.

  16. Hi Mariluz! I attach the link to the article about Coachsurfing… it seems that people will have to pay to use it..

    (I haven’t found the article in English…)

  17. Sweet web site, super design and style, rattling clean and utilize friendly.

  18. I like this web site very much so much fantastic information.

  19. I don´t know how insert a video of you tube that is very fun about the doble check. It is subtitled in English! Can someone explain to me that I do to get him here? Y have in my facebook.

    • Hi Carmen: if you go to Youtube, click on the “Compartir” button below the video and copy and paste the code that appears. As simple as that.

  20. Mary Light!!!! you remember me!!??? this is the best student you ever had, who never wrote a single composition…and now i’m paying my fault Writing half of the content for CLIL Visual arts (educacion plastica) text books…

    even my name is not there, belive me!! that is mine!!! lord!! i still can’t believe it!!!!! (i just found out they are adverticing them online.

    I’m currently working on my second book (3rd of ESO), this link is for the first one (1st of ESO)!!!

    Ou yeah!! I hope you’re proud of me!!!

    • notdoubledutch

      Hello Ximo! How could I forget my awesome student!! 😉
      Congratulations! It’s good to know you are practising English despite working a bit “off the books”… You should claim some compensation or recognition at least!
      I really really hope you are fine. Are you near the school?
      Hope to see you some time. And hope you still visit the blog from time to time.
      Good luck!!!!!!!!!

  21. I’m near the school, the school of benidorm…
    nooo. i’m getting preety good paid and i bet my name will be inside there, in the credits page, even though it’s not in any of those online samples. i heard it’s not a good marketing to have spanish names for publishers or authors in tittle pages of clil or english books.
    the thing is that i thought it was exciting to me to be named in the tittle page to take a picture of myself holding the book to show off a little bit, but i guess i wont be able to be that. (taking a picture of myself holding the book while showing the credits page is not cool).
    i can make as many mistakes as i want because there is a bunch of editors, style and language correctors behind me to fix them, so it’s pretty cool. i guess it would have been cool to have them when i took your classes, then i would have done some writing compositions for your classes.
    I’m teaching clil in english for second of ESO and it’s so bizarre how they don’t understand much more than some key words of what i say they get to understand some keywords so they can make up theirselves the rest of the speech…for my clil students it’s just the third year they are ever taking english classes and the first with english as vehicular language. so i guess there’s still much to do in this aspect.
    so it’s nice to be in touch with you, you were a cool good teacher for me and i thought you’d like to hear one of your students is writing text books in english so you can show it off to your current students or something.
    i hope all is well. and you get a destination closer to home than before.

    • notdoubledutch

      Thank you so much for keeping in touch. I am really really proud of you! I am happy to have such good news and of course I’ll mention you and your books in my classes: I will show off about my brilliant teaching saying that my students become so successful! ;P (However, I will NEVER say you didn’t write compositions….)
      But do care about your mistakes and have a look at the corrections made if you want to improve in that aspect.
      Poor little kids at school! I hope they’ll manage with the time and again good luck for you and your teaching-publishing career!
      By the way, how cheeky not mentioning Spanish names!!! Have you thought of using an English pseudonym? Maybe it works!
      Please get in touch from time to time!

  22. Hi Mluz! As you know I,m going to Ireland next month(August, 29th) to be an au-pair… Last day i was thinking of learning songs for children in english, but I,ve looked for in youtube and are always the same songs: twinkle little star, it’s raining, etc… Could you tell me more typical songs for children in English?? Jajaja I,d have to practise a lot!! xx

  23. Ops, i forgot to say ‘thanks in advance’. xxx

  24. María José Calatayud Miñana

    Mari Luz, this blog is fantastic and “enormous”. It has a lot of sections, I
    couldn´t imagine it.
    Thank you.

  25. Hello peers!! I’m more lost than spiderman in a desert. I will continue investigating the blog. Good bye!!

  26. Hi! Mari Luz,
    I found this interesting video about future and I think it’s great!

  27. My second one:
    this one was harder to be born because of publishers hesitations regarding the forthcoming Wert law…i also had a publisher keeping an eye on what i was doing all the time, sometimes sometimes way too annoying.
    This schoolar year has been my second teaching CLIL. the next one is going to be my third and i’ll be teaching visual arts or similar 8 hours a week in english…
    I’m also trying to sign up for the C1 experimental program in EOI Benidorm for next year..we’ll see..i actually don’t like very much (rather hate) doing silly homeworks and senseless compositions…

  28. Miguel Angel Giménez Cortés

    Hi, I am Miguel Angel and study English in Chiva.

    I don´t have much time to learn this language and when I usually get home is dinner time, however I can spend an hour to day driving. One day I decided to search some English audios and save it in my car. I found a good English program, and since that day I try to listen it, over all near every exam. I would like to share it with us. There are three level, basic, intermediate and advanced, you can donwload yours.

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