The art of death photography

Nowadays we may find this news and pictures unsettling, but photographing the deads was a way to remember our beloved ones when they passed away. Death was common among children and young people at that time, and having photos taken was an expensive service that not many people could afford. But people made the effort to pay for that last picture with their deceased so that they would remain in the memories forever… It’s part of our history and it’s part of our ancestors.


2 responses to “The art of death photography

  1. Vicente Luis Navarro Rumbo

    Culture changes trough the time but in 2016 people use them mobile to do look like things

    • Thanks for your comment! It’s true that culture changes and nowadays we have the possibility to take as many photos as we want, but I wonder if people photograph their beloved ones once they’ve died… I don’t really want to know!! _:)

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