English Common Short Forms in Verbs

Apart from the typical contractions in verbs as in I’m (I am), he’s (he has), etc, these verbal forms are also very common in spoken English, songs, text messages, chats… But you should avoid them in formal writings and academic contexts as they are not considered academically correct.

1- Gonna (going to): I’m gonna talk to him

2- Gotta (got to): I’ve gotta go!

3- Wanna (want to): I wanna hold your hand

4- Lemme (let me): Lemme go!

5- Gimme (give me): Gimme a break

6- Outta (out of): Get outta here!

7- Kinda (kind of): Kinda outta luck

8- I’mma (I’m going to): I’mma talk to him

9- Hafta (have to): I hafta do it

10- Dunno (don’t, doesn’t know): I dunno what to say

It’s also common to see and apostrophe at the end of a verb that should end in -ING: lovin’ u (loving you)

In the image below you have an example of other words being shortened. New technologies mainly have brought an entire new language for us to study! OMG!!!!!





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