Different Ways of meaning ‘Anybody’

The concept of “Anybody, any person” can be expressed in different ways:

“Tom, Dick and Harry”- In Spanish the equivalent is “fulano, mengano y zutano” or “Perico el de los palotes”. Example: ‘Tell that excuse to Tom, Dick and Harry‘ (Cuéntaselo a Perico el de los palotes)

“John Doe/ Jane Doe“- Is another way of implying any person, as in the title: ‘A life of John Doe’ (La vida de cualquiera, de un desconocido).

There is also an expression when we don’t know (or we don’t care about) the name of a person:

“what’s-his-name”- In Spanish the equivalent is “Como se llame” and also “fulanito”, as in ‘I ran into what’s-his-name again this afternoon‘. (Me encontré con ese como- se- llame otra vez ).



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