WAT (by Rafa Castillo)

Have you ever been so surprised that you couldn’t say a word? If the surprise is something that makes no sense, confusing or disgusting, this is a “WAT” moment. This word is the short version of “what” and you can find it written as “wut” too, but it’s a less used form now. The explanation for the misspelling is that it tries to express confusion at the time of typing “what?!”.

This is one of my favorite memes fighting hardly with the ORLY owl for the first place, but you can find really funny images to express the sensation of being overtaken by a phrase or a situation.

So if you find someone that answers “wat” to something you said, think twice before considering it a mistake.

wat (1)wat-gigantic-duck 27490404wat




Thanks for the post, Rafa! 😉


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