Jason Webster

I met this writer in Rana Books a couple of weeks ago. He is an American writer of crime novels who lives in Valencia. From his speech, I could see that he loves Spain and its history, which is reflected in his novels in some ways. I think he combines thriller with a vision of Spain that makes it interesting as he deals with touchy or sensitive topics for us such as bullfighting, civil war…

In this video you can see the launch of his book “Or The Bull Kills You” with a presentation of Valencia city. And there is already a sequel “A Death in Valencia”.

If you want to find out more about him and his books visit his webpage: http://www.jasonwebster.net/

By the way, if you live in Valencia and haven’t been to Rana Bookshop yet, I recommend it to you. You’ll find many books and material related to English and it offers the possibility of enjoying a good cuppa and- why not- a good English book.



One response to “Jason Webster

  1. How interesting , I take note of your recommendation , Cheers !

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