Picking up new words

Reading leaflets is a good way to pick up new vocabulary. Have a look at this piece of information. Can you understand?

“Watch the kids jump, swing, slide, scramble and have a blast while you relax and enjoy a cuppa and a bite to eat from our wide selection of freshly prepared food”

Challenging, isn’t it? Here you can learn many verbs of movement (jump, swing, slide, scramble) and some informal expressions (have a blast, enjoy a cuppa and a bite).

The expression:

‘have a blast’ means having a whale of a time, that is to say, enjoying a lot.

‘have a cuppa’ means having A CUP OF tea or coffee or chocolate.

‘a bite to eat’ means having something to eat.

Now, can you match the pictures with the verbs of movement?


(Solution: slide, swing, jump, scramble)

Well, after the effort, why not enjoying a cuppa and relax? 😉

(Source: Alley Cats Indoor Play Centre- Jet Centre, Corelaine, N.Ireland)


4 responses to “Picking up new words

  1. Thanks for the idea! I’m going to have a cuppa 🙂

  2. leaflets ? … whale as intensifier ? …… blogs are also a great tool to improve vocabulary.

    Thanks !

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