The Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway (in Spanish known as  “La calzada de los gigantes”) is situated in the North coast of Ireland and has often been described as the Eighth Wonder of the World. It was declared as Ireland’s first World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1986.

Visitors each year marvel at the beauty of the 40,000 unique hexagonal basalt columns which form stepping stones that disappear downwards into the sea. The site is also popular with geologists and, according to them, the Giant’s Causeway was formed some 50-60 million years ago as a result of repeat outpourings of volcanic basalt, during the Tertiary period of the earth’s evolution.  Today the Causeway Coast is still an important location for geological study.

But there is also a lengend to explain this wonderful site and the story tells that the Giant’s Causeway was built by Finn McCool as a walk way to fight the Scottish giant Benadonner. According to the legend, Finn fell asleep before going across to Scotland and he woke up to find the Scottish giant appearing on the horizon. Finn realised Benandonner was much bigger than himself and ran to his wife Oonagh wondering what he should do. Oonagh disguised Finn as a baby and made him curl up in an enormous cradle. Benandonner saw the huge ‘child’ in the cradle and began to wonder what size his father would be. Benandonner returned to Scotland and destroyed the Causeway as he returned home.



2 responses to “The Giant’s Causeway

  1. I was there. One of the most beautiful places I have visited.

  2. I guess it’s great. You know what? I’m planning to go this summer!! 🙂

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