Mistake 10: Think

There are several problems when using this verb because of our Spanish influence:

1- The common prepositions that follow the verb THINK are: OF and ABOUT (but of course there are others). Use OF for opinions, mental process of remembering, considering… And ABOUT for a long process of thinking.

Examples: What do you think of/ about…?

I’m thinking of going home.

I’ll think of her name in a minute

I want you to think of this house as your home

I’ve thought about this problem a lot

Have you thought of / about becoming a teacher?

Using IN in the previous examples is a mistake.

2 – When you agree or disagree with someone it is NOT correct to say: ‘I think yes‘, ‘I think no‘. The correct expressions are: ‘I think so‘ and ‘ I don’t think so

3 – When the verb THINK is used in negative sentences to express that we don’t think something it is as it is said to be, the negative sentence goes with the verb ‘think’ and not with the following sentence:

Example: I don’t think Wendy will come (NOT: I think Wendy won’t come) or

I don’t think they are in (NOT: I think they are not in)


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