Expressions with eye

Sometimes expressions can be similar in different languages. Sometimes they are completely different.

Here you are some expressions with the word ‘eye’ that I find interesting.

With a naked eye: the normal power of your eyes without the help of an instrument. We say “a simple vista

Look somebody in the eye: to look straight at somebody without feeling embarrassed of ashamed. We say “mirar a alguien a los ojos

Keep an eye on sb/sth: to take care of sb/sth and make sure that they are not damaged, harmed, ect. We say “echar un vistazo”

Take your eye off the ball: to stop giving your attention to what is most important. We say “estar en Babia

To my eye: from my point of view, from what I can see. We say  “A mi parecer”

Not see eye to eye with sb on sth: not sharing the same views as sb about sth. “No compartir el mismo punto de vista”

Have your eye on sth: be thinking about buying sth. “Echarle el ojo a algo”



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