Grim Reaper

And now a bit of vocabulary related to the topic of Death:

The concept of death as a sentient entity has existed in many societies since the beginning of history. In English, Death is often given the name Grim Reaper and, from the 15th century onwards, came to be shown as a skeletal figure carrying a large scythe and clothed in a black cloak with a hood. It is also given the name of the Angel of Death or Devil of Death or the angel of dark and light (Malach HaMavet) stemming from the Bible. The Bible itself does not refer to “The Angel of Death” however, there is a reference to “Abaddon” (The Destroyer) an Angel whose true identity is a mystery as is the identity of “The Angel of the Abyss”. (source: wikipedia)

When someone dies, it is more appropriate to use the verb ‘pass away‘ as it doesn’t sound as offensive as ‘die’. Other expressions are: to kick the bucket, to pop one’s clogs, to go to meet one’s maker, to push up daisies.

Well, whether you like this topic or not, Happy Halloween!!



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