Mistake 3: want

This is another common mistake. When we want to say things like: “Quiero que vengas a mi fiesta” we tend to tanslate literally ‘ I want that you come to my party’.

However, this is not correct, as this type of structure does not exist in English. The verb WANT is always followed by the preposition To when you use a verb, as in: ‘I want to sleep’, ‘She wants to eat’, etc, so in sentences like the first one, the correct form is: ‘I want you to come to my party‘ (want + object pronoun + to + verb)

Thus, “Ella quiere que él le ayude” is: ‘She wants him to help her‘  NOT  ‘She wants that he helps her’

or “Ellos quieren que yo cuente una historia” is: “They want me to tell a story”  NOT  ‘They want that I tell a story’



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