Newgrange was constructed over 5,000 years ago (about 3,200 B.C.- before Stonehenge in England or the Great Pyramid in Egipt!) and it’s been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The origins of this burial mound are a mystery. According to the Celtic legend, the kings of Tara were buried here, although Newgrange is much older. The mound was respected by all invaders but not by the tomb looters. In the 60s archaeologists discovered that during the winter solstice (21st december) the sunlight enters into the tomb and illuminates the funeral chamber, so we can say it is the oldest solar observatory in the world. The people who designed the mound of Newgrange had exceptional artistic and technical skills, if we take into account that not the wheel nor the metal were still known.

If you don’t know where to go on holidays, you still have the opportunity to fly to Ireland and know this amazing place. The visits start in Brú na Bóinne.  You can find more information at:

Another interesting webpage about Newgrange and its astronomical importance: here


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