Independence Day

Sorry I should have written this on the 4th of July! But here it goes:

The most animated American festivity is the Fourth of July or Independence Day. It is the nation’s birthday. The fourth of July is a salute to freedom and democracy. It is a time to remember America’s ideals of liberty, equality and opportunity for all.

In the 1700’s the thirteen American colonies belonged to Great Britain. The colonists did not want to be governed by Britain. They wanted to be independent and to choose their own government. They wanted a democracy. On 4th July, 1776 a group of patriots wrote the Declaration of Independence. It proclaimed independence from Britain and democracy and justice for all. With the Declaration of Independence the thirteen colonies created their own nation, the United States of America. The Liberty Bell is a symbol of Independence Day.

The Americans fought against the British in the American Revolution. After years of war the British were defeated in 1781 in Yorktown, Virginia.

Today Americans celebrate the Fourth of July in many different ways. There is an American flag on every flagpole and many people put a flag outside their windows. Americans call their flag ‘the Stars and Stripes’. Every city and town organises its own celebration. Red, white and blue decorations fill the streets.

Traditional 4th of July events are patriotic speeches, parades, baseball games, competitions, a lot of music, dancing and picnics. These picnics are an old American tradition. The typical picnic consists of hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chocolate cake and ice cream. The festivities usually end with a brilliant fireworks show.

(Source: British and American Festivities. Black Cat)

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