Beautiful York

Have you ever been to York? If the answer is no, then why not going in your summer holidays? I have been to York twice and it is one of my favourite cities. The old part of the city is surrounded by Walls. They are in very good condition and you can walk on them. York Minster, the cathedral, is amazing as well as the old part where you will discover steel sheets on the streets explaining that the famous Guy Fawkes and his parents lived there. Needless to say that York is famous for its horse races.

Don’t miss a walk by the City Walls, York Minster, The Shambles (the oldest part of the city), Clifford’s Tower, River Ouse, Museum Gardens (where you can feed squirrels), York Railway Station and National Railway Museum, Yorkshire Wheel (fantastic views from the top). As an anecdote I suggest having a coffee in St. Michael’s Church… Yes, you are reading right, it is a church where you can have a coffee while the children are playing in the altar!

If you hire a car I also recommed visiting Whitby (where some scenes from the famous film Dracula were shot), Leeds, Knaresborough and Harrogate (famous for its spas).

Here you can see some of the pictures I took of York Minster, City Walls (x2), Whitby and Knaresborough

For more information you can visit the official webpage here:


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