Bad Mobile Phone Habits

This is an article by Jonathan Webb giving his opinion about bad mobile phone habits. What do you think? Do you agree? Do you feel similar to the person described in the article?

July 16, 2008

Bad mobile phone habits happen in many different places and in many different ways. From the way people answer to where people answer can be seen as rude or annoying to the ones standing around at the time. Movie theaters, restaurants, and even church are just a few places I have personally witnessed bad phone habits. However, the worst habit of all is not the answering and talking that takes place on the phone, though I sometimes wonder if people realize how horrible it is to be in a restaurant and hear everything someone is saying on their phone. There is a habit that is much worse, and it is taking over our society.

The worst habit is texting. People will text to each other for hours on end, when a five minute conversation would probably communicate what needed to be said and free up the rest of the day for other things. I have seen people texting each other from the same room! Can you believe that? What kind of society are we becoming when we would rather type a message to one another on a phone that just have a conversation? Email was the beginning of this and now it has gone to a ridiculous extreme. I mean, seriously. Teenagers now are actually putting tape over the numbers so they will be able to text faster and without looking at the phone.

Now, I understand there may be instances where texting is necessary, my point in all of this is to convey my concern that America’s future is in the hands of people who will not be able to carry on a face to face conversation with someone because they have grown up attached to a cellphone. Looking someone in the eye is a lost art in our society and I blame a lot of that on the amazing popularity of the cellphone. I am not an old man, but I can remember how we operated without them and everything was fine. I had to actually shake hands with people and look them in the eye when having a conversation. Perhaps we should offer classes at school now to teach things that should be common knowledge for an adult.

Answering your phone in certain places is terrible and I think it is rude, but it does not compare to this obsession with texting. If you are too busy to sit through a whole movie with out even a glance at your phone, you have way too much on your plate! Slow down, take a breath, and enjoy life! The phone calls and the text messages can wait until you get home or back to work, whichever way you may be headed. Give your interpersonal skills a tune-up and actually have a face to face conversation with someone, they are quite enjoyable.


13 responses to “Bad Mobile Phone Habits

  1. In my opinion is a hardest article about moble phones habits. I agree with some comments but not whit all. It´s really that talk very loud in a public or private place is annoying for people who are around you, and it´s true that not all the conversations are needed and can expect to be in home.
    But I think talking by cell phone is very important to be in touch with the people that can´t be stay whit you in this moment . Or whit friends that don´t live in the same country. Are in touch with your friends or relative don´t have time except at work.
    In this article aren´t writing some ideas about bad mobile phone habits that for my, are very relevants, like the pupils have cell phone but I think they aren´t adults for do it a good use, and the mistakes for the language or for the education or pupils and students for testing.
    Testing whit cell phones is expensive and young people removed important letters like the “h”.
    Althoug is an important business tool and is needed for a lot of works. A part from the society changes and the people must be changue whit her. If you don´t take the new technology is impossible you can move forward and modernize. One example of this is the use of the computer or the tdt common now.
    Despite we must adapt the technology and respect other people. Cells phones aren´t the substitute of the conversation face to face. We must understand this premise. They are a complement for keep in touch and for work better.

  2. I´m agree with the article.
    Recently I am going a course that speak of tecnology 2.0, the same people that have organized the course, they spend all the time texting with theirs mobil phone, when theirs own friends/fellow are speaking. I think that this is a disrespect.
    How want students to pay attention if they themselves do?

  3. I agree with this article.

    I think that the mobile phone is a great invent, but it isn’t necessary all the time. The problem is that the people have lost a little respect for the other and they don’t think in the people who are around them when they answer a call in a public place, when they speak very loud, etc…..
    I think too that not all the people need a mobile phone, and nowadays even children about 9 or 10 years old have mobile phone, what for?? They don’t need it!!!

    Finally, i think that texting is an habit that is changing the way to mix with other, some people hide behind a text to say tings that they should say person-to-person, and for me this is a sad thing. I think that texting would be used for situations when you can’t find or talk with someone, to leave a urgent message to someone and situations that these…..

  4. I agree with this text.
    I think that people have bad habits with the mobile, for example talk in public areas like restaurants, churches, banks, schools… I think that the 50% of this conversations aren’t urgent and they can hope to another moment for do them.

    On the other hand we can feel afortunates for have this invent because sometimes you need urgent speak with other people like in an accident, if you are going to be late for a meeting, if you have an unexpected thing…

  5. I believe that the text’s author has a lot of reason. Nowadays, mobile phones have become an essential instrument for a lot of people. I don’t understand it. In my opinion, they are a comfortable way of communication if they are used correctly. But it seems that there are a lot of people who don’t think like me.
    Wherever you are, you can see people of all the ages talking or texting with their mobile phones. Before mobile phones’ existance, people could live perfectly without the need of being talking all the day. Now, nobody can do it.
    In our society, we have a lot of people who are ‘addicted’ to the new technologies. That’s a pity, because the new technologies can give us a lot of facilities (in fact, I think that mobile phones are a very useful way of communicating), but they are becoming a problem too. I think that social relationships are changing because of them.
    Children are also becoming dependent of them. A lot of children with less than ten or eleven years have a mobile phone. To my mind, in these ages, there are a lot of things which are more important than having a mobile phone, and some of them are disappearing.
    Definitely, we have to change our attitudes with the new technologies, in particular with mobile phones.

  6. I agree with the text. I think that Jonathan Webb is a bit exaggerated, but he has reason. In my opinion, people musn’t use the mobile in some places, but they don´t understand that they can annoy other people with the music of the mobile, their conversation,… I can’t understand as there are people who can’t live without mobile if nobody had a few years ago.
    On the other hand, young people don’t write well because they are used to text with abbreviation and I think that is a big problem because they spend many time texting with other people.

  7. I agree with the article. I think that people should be respectful with the rest, because if a guy is talking very loud in a public transport, he forces the rest to listen his conversation. Other bad habit is don´t switch off the mobile, or put it in silence mode, in cinema. You can hear a mobile in all the movies, and sometimes someone ask the call.

  8. I agree with this article. I hate some behaviors . I do not support when someone texting a lot. I think this is rude. This people spend a lot of time writing messages and I think this is an addiction. However these case are particulated and only a fex persons do this.
    Personatelly I do not import that people talk with their movil in public places but they should talk slowly.

  9. In my opinion, the “mobile phone revolution” has advantages and disadvantages.
    In the one hand, because of the mobile phone we have the possibility to contact faster with other people in any situation: from an emergency to an stupid remark.
    But, in the other hand, “the mobile phone revolution” had give us less privacity and less respect to each other. Now, people goes out to the class to reply a call. Is it right? I don’t think so. We are losing the social values and we respect les the other every time.
    I ‘m sure that society is able to think about this problem and fight to combat these bad habits. Then, we all will live better.

  10. First of all, I’m Iván (“Mugiwara no Kira” is one of my wordpress’s nicks because I have few blogs and I dislike give my name, I prefer use a nick because it’s safer).
    I disagree with the journalist. I consider the article is so sentationalist, but how it’s written by an English speaker it doesn’t surprise me…
    In addition, I believe he has a psychological problem with the sms, and I don’t know because of, I prefer write one sms instead of phone somebody, it’s cheaper and I need the money to buy the train’s ticket everyday, the underground’s ticket or a book. It’s one of the most useful applications which the mobile has, and it’s seems he hates it. But that’s his problem.
    So, I consider the vast majory of the people knows when one moment is the correct to talk by celular, and he exaggerates a lot when he says that two person are texting each other despite being at the same room (It’s possible, but the vast majory of the people don’t do it, it’s a bit stupid do it, and he wants to generalize).
    If a person is talking by mobile phone when he’s surrounded by strange people and he’s shouting, either it’s normal for him or he feels ignored and want to be the center of their attention. But it isn’t annoyed for me.
    And USA is a country when people like Bush Jr. or Harry Truman can be President with or without celular, and if their society is lost isn’t because of mobile phone.
    In conclussion, it’s a bad article writen by a sensationalist journalist who really doesn’t mind the use people give to their own celulars, but he has to earn money writing something because it’s his work, despite being this kind of jourmalism only rubbish.

  11. maria jose machado

    Nowadays, it´s very common to use and hear people talking by mobile phone everywhere. I agree with the article that it is annoying to have to hear the conversations of strangers in some public places like restaurants,waiting rooms… The technology has modified our way of life,and now we dependence on it, but some people have a high dependency and they don´t distinguish when it´s really neccesary to use it.
    On the other hand, I think mobile phones help to connect easily to friends and familiy, however all people must be responsible and polite to know when and where they can use them.


    I’m sorry I couldn’t write before but better late than never.

    First of all I am not completely agree with the article, I think it is too extreme.
    In my opinion the journalist tells the truth because now people use the mobile phone too and they use bad this communication element, for example it’s very annoying listen other people talking loudly in places like bus, parks… and also, answer the phone if you are in a meeting or class.

    All this things are very annoying, but cell phone although have positive things like use it for emergencies or communicate from anywhere.

  13. I agree with the post, and, at least, in my opinion, It is not a problem with manners about the movile phone only, It is a general problem about modern manners. Sadly our society has grown faster than our education, for it we have the responsabilility of educating ourselves and make that effort everyday.
    In spite of mobile phone is necesary for many people and for his job, manners are the way of stay in society and we must respect each other.

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