Sentence order

In an affirmative sentence, the basic order of words is the following and cannot be altered:

1st- SUBJECT: It always appears before the verb.

2nd- VERB: It can have auxiliaries or not. Auxiliaries are placed before the main verb.

3rd- OBJECT: If there are two objects the order is the following: 1- person/ 2-thing

4th- MANNER: it indicates how something is done.

5th- PLACE: it indicates where something is or takes place.

6th- TIME: it indicates when something happens.

!!! If the VERB is a verb of movement, then the order is as follows:


!!! What happens if you want to use two expressions of time or two expressions of place together? Then the order is: 1- the most precise/ 2- the most general

ex. She finished work at 5.00 yesterday afternoon.

ex. She is living in a small town in England.

Can you correct the mistakes in the sentences? Solutions on the comment below:

1- Her I gave a present

2- She studied a year Latin

3- They didn’t give a new car their cousin

4- She came early home

5- are going to the cinema we tomorrow

6- The postman at 7.30 came this morning home


One response to “Sentence order

  1. notdoubledutch

    1- I gave her a present
    2- She studied Latin a year
    3- They didn’t give their cousin a new car
    4- She came home early
    5- We are going to the cinema tomorrow
    6- The postman came at 7.30 this morning

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