Much, many, little, few or a lot?

Much and little are used with uncountable nouns: ex. much time, little money

Many and few are used with countable plural nouns: ex. many friend, few cars

A lot of/ lots of is used with both countable and uncountable nouns: ex. a lot of luck, lots of time, lots of people.

– Much and many (which mean ‘mucho’) are especially used in negative sentences and in questions although ‘a lot of’ is also possible: ex. We didn’t spend much money/ Do you know many people?

– In positive sentences, a lot of is more usual: ex. We spent a lot of money. However, too much and so much are also used in positive sentences: ex. We spent too much money.

– Little and few (which mean ‘poco’) are negative ideas: ex. We must hurry up. There is little time. However, a little and a few have a more positive meaning. Look at the difference in the following sentences:

– He spoke little English, so it was difficult to communicate with him.

– He spoke a little English, so we were able to communicate with him.

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