Somali pirates free Spanish boat

Read the following news item. Do you know what the highlighted words mean?

(From BBC News)

The Spanish tuna boat Alakrana (undated photo from before the hijacking)

Somali pirates have released a Spanish fishing boat and its crew after holding it for six weeks, Spain’s prime minister has confirmed.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said the pirates had abandoned the Alakrana tuna boat and that all 36 crew on board were “safe and sound“.

The pirates earlier told reporters they were leaving the ship after being promised a ransom of $3.5m (£2.1m).

There was no immediate government confirmation of money having been paid.

The case took on greater urgency after the Spanish navy captured two pirates and took them to Spain to face trial – prompting threats from the remaining pirates to kill the Alakrana’s crew.

Addressing a news conference in Madrid, a smiling Mr Zapatero said that he had “very good news” for the entire country. “I can confirm that the Alakrana fishing trawler is sailing freely towards safer waters and that all of its crew members are safe and sound,” he said.

The Spanish prime minister did not comment on the reported ransom, saying only that the “government did what it had to do”.

By late on Tuesday, the Alakrana had made its way to the open sea accompanied by two Spanish warships, the EU naval force, Navfor, said in a statement.

Argi Galbarriatu, the sister of the vessel‘s second-in-command, said she had spoken to her brother after the boat’s release.

“He told me the word to describe it is that they are relieved, and eager to get to port and come home,” she said.

Can you match the highlighted words to their definition and/or example? Solutions on the comment below.

1- Not harmed, damaged or lost. Ex. The missing child was found…………………….

2- All the people working on a ship, plane, etc. Ex. None of the passengers and ……………… were injured.

3- To let sb/sth come out of a place where they have been kept or trapped. Ex. To …………………… a prisoner.

4- A fishing boat that uses large nets that it drags through the sea behind it.

5- Money that is paid to sb so that they will set free a person who is being kept as a prisoner by them. Ex. The kidnappers demanded a …………………. of 50000$ from his family.

6- Formal noun for a large ship or boat.

7- A formal examination of evidence in a court of law by a judge and a jury, to decide if sb accused of a crime is guilty or not. Ex. He’s on ……………… for murder.

8- Feeling happy because sth unpleasant has stopped or has not happened. Ex. I’m just ……………………. that nobody was hurt.


One response to “Somali pirates free Spanish boat

  1. 1- safe and sound (it is also said: safe and well)
    2- crew (members)
    3- to release
    4- fishing trawler
    5- ransom
    6- vessel
    7- trial
    8- relieved

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