Anna Ferrer “Un pacto de amor”

Anna Ferrer is Vicente Ferrer’s wife. She has recently published a book talking about her experiences in India together with her husband Vicente Ferrer, who passed away a few months ago. I have read the book and I highly recommend you to read it. It helps you see life from a different perspective, not that of the money and wealth and properties but of humanity and dedication to others. This book is really a good lesson of Love.


3 responses to “Anna Ferrer “Un pacto de amor”

  1. Hi Mari Luz:

    I saw the interview in your blog, and I think is as good as Ana Ferrer.

    Did you read the book in English?

    I think I willlike the book, but I prefer read it in Spanish. What do you think about it?

    See you on wendnesday.

    • Hi Jose! Thanks for writing. I have to confess that although she is British, I read it in Spanish. The thing is, however, that I cannot find it in English!! Good book, where she recollects her memories throughout all these years in India with a hint of humour that makes it special, together with the fact that I’ve met her recently and has signed my book!! I will post a photo soon 🙂
      Yes, I really recommend you to read it. No matter if it is in English or Spanish.
      See you soon!!

      • I have been in Asia some times. I went to India in 2005. I love India, and I think the people from India are more happier than us, because they understand the live in a different way.
        I have read somethings about Vicente Ferrer, I think he is a good man, because he has given himself to the poorest people in the world. I don´t know anything about Anna Ferrer, but I will look for somthing about her, suddenly she is a good woman also.

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