A British Quiz

Read the following questions about Great Britain: How many are you able to answer?  Click on the comment below to check.


1- How many countries is United Kingdom composed of?


2- What is the name of the Queen of England?

3- How is Prince Charles related to the Queen?

4- Who did Prince Charles marry in 2005?

5- Can you name Prince Charles’ two children?


6-What is the most popular English food?

7- What is the most popular English drink?


8- J.K. Rowling is now one of the most famous writers in the world. What is the name of the main character in the books that made her so famous?

9- There is a famous British band that started in the 1960s and still play today. Who are they?

10- Robbie Williams is a famous British singer. Which band did he use to sing with?

11- The Beatles are another famous band from the 1960s. Which city did they come from?

12- Which country did Braveheart come from?

13- Who is Mr Bean’s best friend? What car does he drive?

14- Why is David Beckham’s wife also famous?


15- Every summer the UK has a world-famous tennis tournament. What is it called?


16- Where does the Queen of England live?

17- Next to which famous river do the Houses of Parliament stand?

18- The London Underground train system (popularly known as the tube) was the first in the world. When did it start? A. 1863   B. 1929  C. 1956

19- In Spain, cats have got ‘seven lives’. How many ‘lives’ have cats got in the UK?

20- What is the date of April Fools’ Day in England?

(Source: The Burlington UK Quiz)



One response to “A British Quiz

  1. notdoubledutch


    1- England, Scotland, Wales, Nothern Ireland. Nothern Ireland is not an independent country but a province from the United Kingdom. The rest of Ireland is totally independent and it is called the Republic of Ireland.
    2- Elizabeth II
    3- He is her son.
    4- Camilla Parker-Bowles
    5- Prince William, Prince Harry
    6- Fish and Chips
    7- Tea, in fact, 165 million cups of tea are drunk in the UK every day.
    8- Harry Potter. Did you know that J.K. Rowling is the richest woman in the UK?
    9- The Rolling Stones. Many people think that this band is from the United States, but in fact, they are a British band from London.
    10- Take That
    11- Liverpool
    12- Scotland
    13- A teddy bear and a Mini.
    14- She was a singer with the Spice Girls. Did you know that… David Beckham saw Victoria Adams on TV and said, ‘That’s the girl I’m going to marry!’
    15- Wimbledon
    16- At Buckingham Palace. Did you know that… Buckingham Palace has 600 rooms. And the biggest royal palace in Europe is the Royal Palace in Madrid, which has got 2800 rooms!
    17- The Thames
    18- 1863
    19- nine. Did you know that… The British believe black cats bring good luck and white cats bring bad luck.
    20- 1st April ( similar to 28th December- the day of the innocents)

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