Just a few questions for you to think about during the holidays…

1- Choose the correct words:

– The UK is a capital/ capitalist country

– My car is very economic / economical.

2- Say two nouns for each of these adjectives:

– economic- industrial- polluted

3- What do these ‘on the phone’ phrases mean?

– get cut off- run out of credit – top up your phone

4- Which of these verbs are state verbs?

play- belong- travel- sit- dislike- study- deserve

5- What’s the difference in meaning between these two sentences?

– I’ve been doing my homework.

– I’ve done my homework.

6- What are the opposites of these phrases?

– be in credit- be short of money- put money into your account

7- Fill in the gaps in these phrasal verbs:

– When my grandmother died, I came ……… a lot of money.

– I think they are trying to rip us ………..

8- Which is the preposition?

– invest money ……… something

– spend money ………. something

– pay cash ………… something

– buy something ……….. credit

9- Say synonyms for these words:

– work out- exact- especially

10- What is the difference between these words/phrases?

– a subtitled film/ a dubbed film

– a remake/ a sequel

11- What do these adjectives to describe entertainment mean?

– overrated- gripping- weird

12- Choose the correct verb form:

– I’m worried about be/to be/being sacked.

– She was the first person be/to be/being asked.

To see the solutions click on the comments below.


One response to “Challenge!

  1. notdoubledutch

    1- A) capitalist B) economical
    2- economist, economy / industrialist, industry/ polluter, pollution
    3- get cut off= cortarse la llamada / run out of credit= quedarse sin dinero / top up your phone= cargar el móvil con dinero
    4- belong, dislike, deserve
    5- A) it describes an action which can be finished or not.
    B) it describes an action which is finished.
    6- be overdrawn/ be well off or be rich/ take or get money out of your account
    7- A) into B) off
    8- in / on/ for/ on
    9- figure out/ precise/ particularly
    10- A) película subtitulada- película doblada
    B) otra película igual que una ya existente- la 2ª parte de una película
    11- sobrevalorado/ excitante/ extraño
    12- A) being B) to be

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