Language courses

If you are from 16 to 30 years old, here you are the link to apply for courses offered by TURIVAJ to study languages abroad. It’s an excellent opportunity!


2 responses to “Language courses

  1. Hi Mariluz!

    I’m sorry to tell you that these courses are not referred to the Eurocursos (the scholarships) given by the IVAJ. These are the courses which the TURIVAJ (the tourist office that belongs to the IVAJ) offers to everybody (between 16 and 30 years) and you can choose the language you want to learn (there is not just English, also French, Italian, German, and even Arabian, Russian and Chinese), the city where you want to go, the number of weeks you want to stay, the accomodation, etc.

    They are not free, but they are cheaper than the ones you can find whenever, and you can ask for the scholarships given by the MEPSYD (Ministerio de Educación) to pay them.

    See you later!:)

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