I Shouldn’t be Alive

We have seen in class a story that appeared in one of the programmes from the BBC Discovery Channel documentaries ‘I Shouldn’t be Alive’ in which people that have survived in an extremely difficult situation talk about their ordeal. We saw in class the case of three friends that decided to go to the Amazon with a guide but two of them (one being the guide by the way) were never seen again. The survivors talk about their three week ordeal, which is shocking but incredible: How can a person be so unlucky and lucky at the same time?

Surfing on the net, I have found a similar case. It is about a couple who decides to go to the Amazon and gets lost… It is really shocking because of the images and the story itself sounds really scary. Take your time and watch it. You will not be the same after watching this. It is also a very good listening exercise because it is a real programme but clearly told. This time, however, I cannot say ‘enjoy it…’ but I can say that once the programme starts, you get hooked till the end.


2 responses to “I Shouldn’t be Alive

  1. So , They finally split up !, . They could made it easier :-).
    I doubt where fiction and reality meet.

    • Yes, I totally agree with you! One never knows… Mainly when talking about TV shows… Is life so weird?? One never knows, do we?
      I hope you could understand the story. It is a good listening exercise.

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