That Night… (by Alberto García Iranzo 1ºNA)

This is another example of a good story with a twist in the end… In fact we should all learn a bit from it or at least take it into account some times… Thank you Alberto for your contribution!!

I thought that night was going to be as usual.

I was 23 years old and I was living in Valencia because I was studying at university. Some friends, Jose, Dani and I used to go out every Friday, after a week in which we had been studying or working, such as Jose, who was 25 and worked in a bank. My other friend, Dani, was 23, like me. and we both were studying the same career, journalism. We met at the university and we got on very well.

That cold and rainy night I went to the bar where we usually met. It was an old and dirty bar, but it was near our houses, so we gathered there. I used to be late but that night I was the first to arrive. My friends didn’t arrive and I was very tired. Suddenly, a new sports car appeared at the end of the street and it was driven very fast. They were my friends…’Come on, have you seen my new car? Tonight we’re going to…I don’t know. Get in!’ said Jose. It was an expensive BMW car. Jose was very impulsive and a bit crazy. When I was in the car I realized that it was plenty of empty beers. They were drunk. I got angry and shouted at them. Jose stopped the car and I decided to drive to our houses. However, the police was doing a checkpoint. When Dani saw them he said that he had cocaine. Jose and I were shocked and we were very near the police so we didn’t have time enough to think. Moreover my driving licence was at home so I decided to scape.

Obviously the police followed us and I drove very fast. We arrived at a narrow and dark road and we couldn’t stop. Unluckily, we hit a very big tree.

I lost consciousness and when I came round  I was at hospital. Out of the room Jose was waiting and the police was watching me, but Dani wasn’t there. He had died.

In two months, Jose had lost his new car and I had to pay an expensive fine after being to court. I’ll always remember that night and Jose has never separated from me since that day.

Now, ten years later, my life is different and I work at home! Next week it is my birthday and Jose is going to buy a new vehicle, but this one is only for me: a new wheelchair.



One response to “That Night… (by Alberto García Iranzo 1ºNA)

  1. what a good story!=)

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