Good intentions? (by Manuel Ferrer Pardo 1ºNA)

We’ve seen in class what a mini saga is. It consists of a story told in exactly 50 words and it contains a twist in the end. Here you are an example of a good story with a twist in the end, although of course it’s been written in more than 50 words. Thank you Manuel! I’m sure your mates will enjoy it!

A woman was lying down on her hammock and enjoying the good weather, very closed to the sea shore. It was a sunny day and no clouds remained in the sky. She was wearing a beautiful spotted Lycra swimsuit and fashionable sunglasses. She felt very relaxed, although she also wanted to take care of her son who was only ten years old and had gone to play with his friends a few metres further. They were building castles with sand and sea water they carried from the sea.

Ten minutes later, she felt asleep due to heat of the sun until she was awaken by her son’s voice: ‘Mummy! Give me two euros, please! Only two euros!’, said the boy loudly.

‘You have already spent a lot of money, boy, I don’t want to give you much more!’- replied the woman angrily- ‘I’ve paid seven euros for the bucket, the spade and the fork today and… let me think… I can’t remember whether I gave you five or six euros yesterday. You are a squandering boy!’

The boy kept looking at his mother’s eyes and said in a lower voice: ‘Mum, let me explain, that money isn’t for me, it is for an old man who is shouting from behind those dunes’

‘I’m sorry about that poor man’, said the woman, ‘tell me, what is he shouting?’, the woman asked ashamed.

‘Ice-creams! Delicious ice-creams! All sorts of ice-creams!’, answered the boy.



One response to “Good intentions? (by Manuel Ferrer Pardo 1ºNA)

  1. It’s a good story, so funny also. Here we can see how children are special: they have an imagination and a knoweldge we cannot understand nor hope,which make them so funny in some cases. Mari Luz, give him a good mark! 🙂

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