Idioms Challenge

Do you want to learn some idiomatic expressions? Go to the orange box on the right of the page and click on the document that says “idioms” to download it in your computer. Print it and start thinking!!

These are the solutions to check after doing the exercises. Learn a lot and have fun!!

1- 1.c, 2.b, 3.a, 4.a, 5. a, 6.c, 7.b, 8.a, 9.b, 10.a, 11.a, 12c, 13.b, 14.a

2- 1. tongue in cheek, 2. let the cat out of the bag, 3. got the sack; every cloud has a silver lining, 4. walk in the park; fat chance, 5. bit my tongue, 6. take you for a ride, 7. makes such a meal, 8. bit the bullet, 9. red tape, 10. rocket science, 11. eat some humble pie, 12. little bird

Do you like idioms? Then go to this webpage, where you will find a large collection of idioms listed alphabetically, with brief definitions.


One response to “Idioms Challenge

  1. thanks alot ,if u find anything about decomposable,nondecomposable idioms tell me

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