Poor Man – Rich man (by Javier Toscano- finalist)

Here you are the story of another student who participated in the writing competition. Enjoy it!

This is a story about a couple of children who were living in
Henderbridge, a small village sited next to the forest in the south of
England. They were the only two brothers of a humble family,
Robert, a restless 7-year-old child and a placid child called Hugo, the

Elder one, who was born only one year earlier.

It was very noticeable the huge differences between both
Siblings, both in their physical appearance as in their way of thinking.

Ambitious Robert and disinterested Hugo.

Quest for a quiet life, Hugo, when he was only a youngster,
Understood that he must stay in Henderbridge village in
Order to help his widower mother Sara with the farmhouse’s hard
Tasks, whereas Robert was always insisting on going to a London

Academy, because he was certain that if he got to live in bigger
Town, he would have more opportunities than in Henderbridge to

Improve his possibilities to be rich (his main goal), without making
Out that his mother had to become a workhorse for him to study in a
Not cheap academy.

Incredibly, Hugo shared his daily chores in the farmhouse with a
Non-stop necessity of reading on occasion.

Settled in Henderbridge, building his own house was Hugo
Principal priority. He had previously bought a plot of land by
Auction. After keeping his nose to the grindstone for years, he moved
Into his new house at the early age of twenty-five, although he was
Not alone, but with his newly-wed gorgeous wife Helen.

While Hugo was enjoying his new life along with Helen, Robert, after
Having finished his Business Studies, decided to set up an
International company, which after working harder, became a
Corporation in a few years. As a consequence he was proud of
Himself, but he kept on thinking that this was not enough.

Spending all his time trying to increase his personal
Account, Robert had not come back to Henderbridge for
Yonks, he did not even keep in touch neither, his brother nor
Sara, his mother.


In spite of becoming rich in his early forties, Robert was a
Solitary man, without any real friend, only yes men around him.

Noticing it, Hugo did not doubt in making a big effort to convince his
Obtuse brother that he had just earned enough money, in order
To enjoy another lifestyle. Robert just laughed.
More and more, the more the merrier, it’s Robert’s maxim. On the
Other hand, Hugo, without having never tried to steal the
Show to anybody became in Henderbridge a well-known
Trusted farmer.

Readily, instead of taking advantage of that situation, Hugo
Insisted on his maxim: If you are well, you don’t have to
Change anything which at some stage is helping you to be
Happy, because you actually don’t need more.

Well-heeled as Robert was, he on a whim decided without
Hesitation to start a political career. Suddenly Robert,
Obviously became important but lost free time.

Hugo, after dying his mother, by an odd disease, organised
A discreet burial, where as well as the close family and an
Vicar from Scotland, was present Robert who without any
Explanation vanished just after the funeral.

Grief, was the feeling which Hugo felt, when after a while found
Out his brother’s leave. Robert had wasted the opportunity of being all

Months passed until Hugo forgave his brother Robert for his
Odd behaviour in their mother’s burial. He decided to visit
Robert in London. So at that very moment, he gathered
Everyone of his family and turned up in Robert’s mansion.

Bachelorhood was too obvious at a glance in Robert’s home,

Untidiness throughout, a gloomy lifeless house which seemed
To be empty. Robert was always too busy.

While Robert pretended to have a fantastic and hilarious life,
Hugo noticed that it is not really certain as a consequence
Of his obsession with keeping up with the Joneses.

Not until he went into retirement, Robert accepted the fact that,
Even having managed to be rich and having achieved political
Eminence, Hugo had really been successful in life, for he had always
Done what he liked despite of his lack of money.

Lord Robert at his sixty-fifth birthday went back to Henderbridge where
Experienced the best years of his life, without being worried about the
Share index or political issues. At that moment his only duty was to
Spend the whole day with his actually rich brother Hugo.
A summary of this story can be found in the acrostic written in bolt on the left margin


3 responses to “Poor Man – Rich man (by Javier Toscano- finalist)

  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. There have had a problem with te copy ant paste, because the acronic, apart from some gramatical mistakes is difficult to read due to the fact that there are extra spaces between sentences.

    On the other hand, I have to say that is an excellent work, I’m looking forward his next work.

  3. notdoubledutch

    I know, when I pasted it this is what happened. I have tried to changed it but it doesn’t work. It is a problem of the blog. Sorry! I did my best!!!

    On the other hand, I am also looking forward to “his” next work… So… Why not starting on it right now…..? This blog’s readers will appreciate another of “his” contributions… 😛

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