The Wild Boar (by Gaspar Moreno- finalist)

This is the short story written by a finalist. Why don’t you read the story and leave him a comment with your opinion? I’m sure you’ll like it!

Last January, I got up very early on a Sunday morning. My friend Juan was waiting for me. Juan is a hunter, that day we and other nine hunters with twenty trained dogs went to “ El Portillo”, one the most wonderful places in the mountains of Enguera. It is very difficult to arrive at “El Portillo” because the track is a stony road, we had to descend around five hundred meters until arriving to a narrow pass, sorrounded by high mountains of an indescribable beauty. The mountains are full of tall pine trees, there are also a lot of undergrowth, rosemary, camomile, lavander and other plants. At the botton of the narrow pass, there is a small stream with crystal clear water.

We went to the hunt of the Wild Boar, my friend Juan had promised me an unique show, so I decided to go.

When we arrived, it was still at night, the hunters placed themselves on places that were not visible for animals. The day was very cold, the air was freezing, still it was not dawing and the moon was small. I sat next to Juan, waiting for the Wild Boars to appear.

When it had dawned, the dogs began to be restless, we heard noises of animals running and suddenly a group of five adults Wild Boars appeared in the narrow pass, the five were fine strong animals; the dogs came out running to their encounter, quickly the dogs sorrounded one of the Wild Boars, the rest escaped away, in a few seconds we heard several shots, a voice said that one Wild Board had fallen.

However, the most impressive fact was happening around twenty meters under us. The dogs pounced on the Wild Boar, they bit everywhere, the Wild Board screamed and charged at the dogs, a dog flew and it fell half-dead, it was bleeding through its stomach; the fight was ferocius until the almost conquered Wild Boar fell on the ground.

I asked my friend why he had not shot the Wild Boar,  and he answered that he could hurt the dogs.

Suddenly, another hunter came closer to the animals with a knife in his hand, when the Wild Boar was lying he knifed it mortaly.

Little by little, the hunters could separate the dogs from the Wild Boar, only one dog had died, the rest had small wounds, but they were well.

While all this happened, the light began to appear through the east of the narrow pass, at first the light illuminated the top of the mountains, the shades became characteristic colours of the winter, first I could see the high pine trees, secondly I could make out the undergrowths; a few minutes later I could see the small stream, the water seemed a mirror, reflecting the light.

Everybody had seen the cruel show, everybody had enjoyed it, everybody congratulated the hunter who had stabbed the Wild Boar to death, but nobody had seen the wonderful show of the dawn, when the morning light invaded all the corners of the narrow pass, showing us the true beauty of nature.


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