Running like the Wind (by Carmela Cerdá- Winner)

Here you are the composition of one of the winners from the writing competition so you can also read and enjoy her tale. I’m sure you’ll like it! By the way, why don’t you leave her a comment on her story?  😉

This story and its characters are all invented.

Only some bare facts are based on reality.

This is the end of a sad and pretty story: Marita is sitting on the floor, crying, by her own. She is holding a box in her hands. As her tears are going down on the glass screen of the box, the butterfly inside the box seems to be bigger, the bigger the prettier.

Marita was a lovely girl. She was seventeen years old, and she was a good student at the University of Barcelona. Her dream was to be like a famous biologist named Jane Goodal. She loved animals and all about Nature. At the end of the first course she had to do a research about renewable sources of energy, so she chose the wind. She loved going out to the top of the mountains and feeling the wind around her face, hearing the sounds of wildlife and seeing the frightened animals going so far away from her, it made her feel very good.

One weekend of spring Marita and her mother Carla went to the mountains. They had got a little cottage near the Natural Park of Garraf, and they thought to spend as much time as possible together. Marita’s mother travelled a lot and she had not enough time to spend with Marita. She worked for FAO and her task consisted on collecting seeds from the world. She contributed to create a seeds bank for the future, collecting seeds from wildness plants and crops too, and keeping them somewhere in The North Pole. Se was a special woman, she was very kind, sweet and intelligent, and very pretty too. Marita wanted her mother to help her with her study, so they agreed to profit the weekend working and studying at the same time.

On Saturday morning Marita and Carla went to a wind farm near the park, Marita had to take notes of the wind turbines for her research: occupied area, location, height, etc., and her mother wanted to catch some seeds. While Marita was counting the number of wind turbines she could see something rare, a man dancing among the wind turbines. What was he doing? It was amazing, he looked like an elf, was he flying? Marita felt a great deal of curiosity and walked along turbines’ line towards him.

The man was carrying something in his hands, and he sometimes jumped trying to catch something. He was a good-looking man, tall and slim, with a long black beard and a scar on his face. When Marita was just in front of him he said:

Stop! Don’t move! –he was trying to catch a butterfly just behind Marita- Be quiet! if you don’t want to be hurt! –Marita didn’t move, she was surprised-.

Hello! Can I speak? –She said in a whisper while the man caught a pretty butterfly- What are you doing? I’ve been watching you from about half an hour and I didn’t understand what you were doing -The man looked Marita seriously-.

Oh! Who are you? And why you were watching me?

I’m sorry, my name is Marita and I’m here to do a university research, the role of the wind as a renewable source of energy in the word of energy saving, what about you?

My name is Jordi and I’m doing a research too.

What kind of research are you doing?-asked Marita

Something about butterflies, the wind and butterflies.

That sounds interesting, tell me more, please.

Do you know how much damage wind turbines can cause to butterflies? It’s awful. Over 98 % of these animals die when they fly near these monsters. The rotor blades make the wind increase next to them and absorb all the delicate things around them, like butterflies. The first rotor blade makes a draught, put the butterfly into the draught and the next one hits the butterfly causing its death.

Oh! It’s terrible! I didn’t know anything about it -At that moment Marita’s mother was coming towards them, she had been looking for her for a while-.

Marita!- Carla called- What’s happening?

Mum! Come here! I want to introduce you someone- As Carla was approaching them she started to feel something special, her heart started to beat harder, it couldn’t be real, she knew that man, he was….

Hello Carla! -said Jordi- What a surprise!

Hello Jordi! -said Carla- How are you? -she was a little bit nervous.

Fine, thanks. It’s a pleasure see you again -she looked prettier than he could remember, he thought.

Incredible! You know each other! –said Marita, who started to feel something towards Jordi, and she smiled.

Oh yes! It’s a long story, isn’t it? –said Jordi.

Yes, it is –answered Carla.

After that meeting Marita thought that it could be a good idea to spend more time all together, so she suggested to have a meal that day at the cottage and said that her mother was a very good cook. Both of them accepted the suggestion.

Marita’s mothers was a little bit excited about staying next to Jordi, she had a important reason, she and Jordi had been lovers eighteen years ago, it brought her back nice memories, but there was something dark about Jordi. When they were starting to be very happy, Jordi disappeared. Nobody knew what had happened with Jordi. He was researching something about a dam in South America when he began to have problems with the enterprise which had been commissioned to do the building project. Although he never told her anything, Carla knew things weren’t going very well.

Now, Carla had the opportunity to know what had happened eighteen years ago.

Marita was very pleased with Jordi. He was telling her many stories about nature all around the world, she loved that sort of things. Jordi was very kind, funny and intelligent. She liked him very much, and her mother too. They spent all the time talking, drinking and eating, they seemed to enjoy themselves.

After that meeting they met some times and Marita and Jordi became friends. Marita wanted to know everything about butterflies and travelling around the world and Jordi enjoyed with her, she looked like her mother, she was gentle, funny, curious and very clever. Marita met Jordi over three or four times a week and they spent much time together in the mountains. As Carla did.

One day Carla and Jordi were having dinner at a restaurant in Barcelona. Carla wanted to know some things about him from the past.

Jordi, tell me the truth, why did you disappear?-said Carla.

I don’t know yet -said Jordi

I don’t believe you.

I know it’s difficult to understand, but someone kidnapped me and put me apart from the dam project. I was causing problems to the enterprise because there were many reasons to stop that building: endangered species, native people living in the valley and a high risk of producing earthquakes. On the other hand I always thought that FARCs kidnapped me because of money, they thought I was an important person from the Government, and It would be easy to win the game. But now I’m not sure. Maybe it was an alliance between both of them. The FARCs had guns and people, and a place to keep me away, I don’t know, somewhere in the jungle. And the enterprise had many reasons but neither people nor guns. At the end some friendly NGOs paid for the rescue.

Oh! I’m very sorry about it. I missed you very much. I thought there was something wrong in your missing –said Carla.

Don’t worry, actually I feel very good in spite of fact that they hurt me – he showed the scar on his face- I missed you too.

You know I loved you, don’t you? –said Carla at the same time she looked at him waiting for an answer- Never mind -said Carla- The most important thing is that you are safe and sound.

Oh! Thank you very much! I loved you too. It’s a great pleasure to see you again –said Jordi and kissed her.

One more thing: I have to tell you an important thing –said Carla.

Don’t say anything, I know it. Marita is my daughter, isn’t she?

Yes, she is. And I’m very glad both of you get on well. But if you don’t want to…

Don’t worry –he interrupted- I love her from the first day I met her, she looks like you, she is a very lovely girl. I’ll have to tell her that –said Jordi. His eyes seemed to be bright – If I can.

You must know one more thing -added Jordi- I’m afraid something will happen. As you know, I work for The UICN, they want me to do a research about why endangered butterflies are disappearing, and it’s surprising that the more the wind farms increase the less the number of butterflies is. I think many people expect to be very rich by installing as many wind turbines as possible. And the government has fallen under the influence of these people. I’m afraid I’m getting in the way…

Oh, that’s terrible! The same story again, I won’t be able to bear it –Carla started to cry.

Don’t cry my sweet woman! –Jordi kissed her- And If I have to leave, please, give this box to Marita –There was a beautiful Machaon inside – Nobody has to know where I am, neither you, and be sure I’ll come back.

They spent all the night together.

After two days Jordi disappeared.



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