Beethoven’s Hair (by Guadalupe 1ºNI)

Not many years ago, the corpse of the great composer Beethoven, who composed the famous 5th and 9th Symphonies, was taken out of his tomb in Mannheim (Germany) by European researchers and scientists, to analyse the main cause of his death, because of the enormous quantity of rumors about his death (drugs, madness, mystery, sexual illness…)

In the initial test to carry the DNA out in the morgue, the researchers found out that any speculation about his death could be true, because they didn’t find neither serious illness nor drug remains or magic rituals of the time.

A subsequent event was the move of the corpse to the United States, to carry out precise analysis with modern machines and with the best scientist of that country, whose methods are well-known in the world.

At the end, it proved that Beethoven had a large amount of lead in his body through the technological advances in the analysis of the hair, because rich people in the past centuries cooked with lead casseroles, served the food in lead crockery and ate with lead cutlery sets.

The final result in the analysis of the compositor’s body proved that the legend comes from the strange stories that we have invented.

From now on, the work developed with Beethoven by the scientists will be applied to other corpses of great artists like Mozart, Da Vinci and other celebrities who also died in strange and unknown circumstances.

(Source: Beethoven’s Hair. Russell Martin. Random House)


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