Idioms to do with “crime”


Do you want to learn more vocabulary related to Crime? Match the idioms with the correct definition (answers again in the comment below):

an inside job / get off scot-free / go joyriding / launder money / be light-fingered / be on the fiddle / a snake in the grass / be up to no good

1- likely to steal things.

2- to put money which has been obtained illegally into legal business and bank accounts.

3- a person who cannot be trusted.

4- doing or about to do something wrong or illegal.

5- to steal a car and to drive it (often dangerously) just for fun.

6- avoid being punished, although you deserve to be.

7- a crime committed by someone connected with the place or organization where the crime took place.

8- getting money dishonestly or illegally.

(from: Test Your Idioms. Penguin English Guides)


One response to “Idioms to do with “crime”

  1. notdoubledutch

    1- be light-fingered
    2- launder money
    3- a snake in the grass
    4- be up to no good
    5- go joyriding
    6- get off scot-free
    7- an inside job
    8- be on the fiddle

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