I’m f***ing…

And after the exams… A bit of laugh to forget the stress!! 🙂

Do you know the “Show of Buenafuente”? Well, in USA there is a similar show whose presenter is called Jimmy Kimmel. His girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, is also a presenter and works for the MTV. She went to one of his shows one night and told him that she was leaving him because she was going out with someone else…

This is part of the song that was dedicated to him:

…on the bed
on the floor
on a towel by the door
in a tub
in the car
up against the mini bar…

Any clue of what it is about?… (it is NOT a song to practise prepositions!!)

Watch both videos (the first one is her message and the second one is Jimmy’s answer…) Although you may not understand everything you will roar with laughter!!


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