Candem Town markets on fire

(From BBC news):
Up to 100 firefighters have been tackling a major blaze that ravaged the famous markets area in Camden Town, north London.

LFB station manager Guy Foster said the fire was centred around Camden Canal Market, where a number of market stalls had caught fire.


Firefighters were alerted at about 7.20pm on Saturday to the blaze which has reportedly consumed part of the Hawley Arms, a popular Camden pub which is frequented by celebrities including singer Amy Winehouse. There were unconfirmed reports that some people were trapped, but London Fire Brigade spokesman Nick Comery said he had heard nothing to support that.

He told BBC News 24: “It’s an ongoing job and we are doing our best to bring it under control and to stop it spreading.

“It involves currently some market storage properties, shops and dwellings.

“It is a large area that is involved. It is a severe fire, there is a lot of smoke going up into the sky.”

BBC News reporter James Cooke said the fire appeared to have broken out in a row of shops.

Revellers from local pubs and bars were moved away from the danger area, where flames were leaping up to 30ft in the air.

Conservative mayoral candidate Boris Johnson said: “This will come as a terrible blow to their livelihoods and the area generally. My thoughts are with the traders, local residents and the emergency services who are, as usual, performing brilliantly under pressure.”


The markets area is a major tourist attraction attracting up to 300,000 visitors each weekend to its six open-air and indoor markets and vibrant mix of bars, clubs, shops and restaurants.

Camden Market fire

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