Idioms with “CAT”

Do you know what these expressions mean?

1. There isn’t enough room to swing a cat
2. To let the cat out of the bag
3. To put a cat among the pigeons

Listen to the teacher explaining the meanings. Can you find an equivalent in your language?


2 responses to “Idioms with “CAT”

  1. Hi!

    I’m David…from next year!

    I’ve just watched your videos… they’re fantastic!

    I’ve really liked them… especially, this one!

    I think we all know you love idioms and… some good news for you: I hope English isn’t double dutch for me next July in Ireland!

    You make me change my mind…

    I’ll tell you all the details when I see you!


    PD: Don’t panic, I’ll go on writing here!

  2. **next year: last year!=)

    See you!

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