Irish music

Have you ever been to a live concert in an Irish pub?

Every thursday there was a live concert in one of the pubs in Carlow town. While people enjoyed some beers we could listen to this wonderful music… The place was rather small, in fact, you had to be there an hour before or you couldn’t find any place to sit. But it was worth since this music gave a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The video is not very good, sorry for that! (It was recorded with a photo camera!) But at least you can have an idea of how it sounded. If you ever have the opportunity to go to a live Irish concert, don’t doubt it. You won’t regret!

I am adding a picture of the musicians… They were there every thursday night. Thank you folks!!


[splashcast GYUO3142SJ] 

After a while (and after some beers), people also joined the concert. Here you can listen to a blind man who started singing a traditional Irish song.

[splashcast LCLA4959KC]


One response to “Irish music

  1. Thanks for sharing the recording of the man singing. However, there seems to be something wrong with the pitch, which is too high. To avoid this (it’s a problem of Flash encoding of MP3), make sure that you export to MP3, if you use Audacity, at 22.05 kh or else 44.1 kh bitrate- normally 22.05 will be good enough and half in file size (Edit > Preferences > Quality).

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