Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire is a British man who was diagnosed as autistic when he was a child. He’s also been noted for his exacting memory, which allows him to recreate [in drawings] vast scenes he sees only once. This video shows his 16-foot-panorama of Rome after taking one helicopter ride above the city.
(Text from: YouTube)

Don’t miss this video. It’s amazing!


11 responses to “Stephen Wiltshire

  1. This man is amazing…

    Congratulations! You are working hard on this blog and the results are great!

    good luck!!!


  2. The work that this man does is absolutely amazing! :O
    Because this man has an incredible capacity to memorize things…even difficult ones!
    In the video, we can see him memorizing all buildings, all that he can see in Roma, The Coloseum, for example, and then, he is able to draw them, in an exactly way and with all the details!
    It’s just incredible!!


  3. Oh my God!! It’s incredible!! What marvellous of draws and details!! I think this man shows us that the austitic people are really different from us: they are more intelligent and more gifted. Although they have “learn necessities” as Christopher said (The curious incident…), they have much more abilities than the most of us. It’s a good lesson for us. How many of “normal” people can draw so exactly after a short trip by helicopter? I think words are unable to explain this.

  4. Hi people:
    This is the second post i do on this video. My first one was “discarded” i don’t know if may be it took me too long to write it.
    I watched this boy in A3 news a while ago, when he was in madrid, and thought he was amazing. So i surfed youtube a little bit to check out more works of him. I love the way he draws big formats with just a black pen. In all the videos i watched i also liked the stop motion animations or high speed cameras taken of him while drawing.
    There’s another unbelievable autistic man somewhere in the US who can learn by heart anything he reads like dates, strets or roads within the states. That guy inspired the movie of Rain Man and Dustin Hoffman visited him to get into the character.

  5. I’m shocked to know about a boy with such a wonderful gift for drawing, who is able to draw a landscape just by seeing it once on the air.

    It’s amazing what the human brain is capable of.

    He reminds me the main character of “The Curious Incident…”, both with behavioural disorders. It’s well-known that autistic people have special abilities, in this example a great visual and memoristic capacity. However, they find it very hard to socialise with other people.

  6. I think it is just unbelievable! The human brain works in misterious ways. It looks impossible for me to remember all these details just in a 45 minutes flight over the city. Obviously it is possible for some gifted people like him. I am also amazed because he spent days drawing every single detail of the buildings and his drawing of the city was almost exact. It is like his brain has been taken pictures during the flight and they were all stored in his brain waiting to be drawn.

  7. I´m absolutely stunned with Stephen´s skill to remember all those information and details by only watching it during such a short time. It´s amazing how an autistic brain works, and how can it be so different than a normal one is. Just an impressive document.

  8. This man is incredible because he was diagnoses as austistic when he was as a child and, if these things are difficult for “regular” people, we could note that, for him it is an added difficult.

    Moreover, we explained in class also the case of his namesake Stephen Hawking, another “big brain”.
    What’s up with the Stephen’s? If I have a child, his name will be Stephen, sure!

    I am agree with Carlos, this is an impressive document.

  9. This fascinating video is a good example about the capacity and possibilities of human brain.
    A few days ago I have readen an articule about genius. This articule refers people like Stephen as “prodigious savants” , people who suffer from autism and are extremely talented at one thing such as complex calculations (do you remenber Christopher John Francis Boone?) ,and it is their incapacity to influence in others people´s percepcion of the world, because of his carency of communication skills, the reason that this people are not proper geniuses.
    When I was seeing him drawing by memory St Peters´Church I remembered the scene in the film The Silence of the Lambs in which Hannibal Lecter drew one church in Florence only by memory.
    I hope Stephen Whiltshire never becomes a canibalistic serial killer!

  10. I can´t say nothing about this, Josemari told me it was about a black guy, a helicopter and some maps. I thought it was Da Vinci Code II, or a Die Hard sequel but I never expected a video like that.

    It shows how an autistic disorder can give you a extraordinarily rare talent, like this but without a social interaction and all that.

  11. My god! What an amazing man! I’m still wondering how he can remember all those tiny details. And the most incredible thing I find is that he is always right with them.
    It’s amazing how our brain can work, I don’t think this man uses just 10% of his brain capacity. He also remembers me the boy of the book, how he was able to remember the details of the places where he went.
    Finally, the video is also fantastic, and I’ve loved the images of the Coliseum and the Pantheon. And I agree with my mates, the video is extremely impressive.


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